Executive Management

Erich Lagler


since 01.11.2014

Erich Lagler

Operations Engineer SIB
Graduated Senior Sales Manager SGMI (Institute of Management St. Gallen)

We are developing public transport for the Basel region, transporting our customers to their destinations safely, conveniently, ecologically and on time.

“The BVB is an exciting company and a reliable employer. Together with my dedicated employees, I am able to make a daily contribution to the well-being of the people in this region. This means that I arrive motivated at work every morning and I am just as proud when I go home in the evening.”


Stefan Popp

Finance /

since 01.08.2014

Stefan Popp

Masters in Business Administration

As an efficient service provider, we create transparency and support customers in implementing efficient processes (finance, logistics, ICT).

“I enjoy challenging tasks where I can develop and design. At BVB, I can continue to improve our traditional company, working with committed colleagues at all levels, moving forwards to a demanding technological future. I am extremely pleased that our passengers are very enthusiastic about our ecological product.”


Susanne Bolliger Crocoll

Human Resources

since 01.09.2017

Susanne Bolliger Crocoll

Business Administration Graduate
Human Resources Specialist Graduate
Master’s Degree in HRM

As the competent partner for our BVB divisions, we provide excellent HR services.

“The daily commitment of the BVB employees to our passengers is fascinating to me. Our product is public transport in the city of Basel, and it connects and moves people, as well as triggering emotions. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the BVB.”


Technology a.i.

since 05.06.2018

Ludwig Näf

Business administration degree HF
EMBA in corporate management

As a reliable service provider, we are responsible for providing safe, reliable, modern vehicles and their support systems, and for developing them to make them more customer-oriented.

“My staff ensures that we have safe, clean and fully functioning trams, buses and systems that impress our passengers at all times of the day and night. I am pleased to make my enthusiastic contribution day after day to the way people experience Basel.”


Infrastructure a.i.

since 01.10.2018

Ramon Oppikofer

Post-Graduate degree in Civil Engineering (Polytechnical University) / Industrial Engineering (University of Applied Sciences)

We provide our passengers with a safe, reliable, economical railway, and bus infrastructure.

“Without rails and overhead contact lines, there are no trams, no stops – no-one getting on: What we do is challenging and varied, yet I am motivated to work on these tasks with a great team, all day and all night. For Basel – for the BVB.”


Business Unit*

since 01.05.2018

Milan Sedlacek

Graduate Technician HF,
Industrial Engineering
Graduate Quality Manager NDS HF

We are strengthening the core business of BVB by providing efficient services in relation to communication, integrated management systems, legal security, strategy and innovation.

“The multi-dimensional nature of our work as a staff organisation and in terms of public transport and how strongly rooted BVB is in the Basel region all fascinate me. It motivates me to be able to make a contribution with my team to the success of BVB every single day.”


Bruno Stehrenberger


since 01.10.2018 (Member of the Executive Management since 01.09.2016)

Bruno Stehrenberger

Business Administration KFS

We consolidate all of the central services for our passengers – from the provision of transport services to tender planning and network development.

“People for People! The BVB transports approx. 300,000 people every day, safely, comfortably and on time to their destinations. Every day I am pleased to make a contribution to this outcome.”


* In executive management with a consultative voice.

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