Bus system 2027

BVB plans to convert its entire bus fleet to battery-electric buses (e-buses) by 2027, making the fleet more environmentally friendly and quieter than today’s buses. In this way, we are implementing the legal requirement that all public transport in the canton of Basel-Stadt must run on 100 percent renewable energy from 2027.

With the commissioning of the first fully battery-powered electric articulated bus in February 2019, we have laid the foundation for an electric future in the bus sector. In November 2022, we received the first of 65 e-buses, all of which have been put into operation by the end of 2023.

The conversion to e-buses is complex and involves not only the procurement of e-buses but also extensive adjustments to the infrastructure.

The final milestones on the way to the 2027 bus system:

19 December 2023 The last four gas articulated buses are phased out. Half of our bus fleet now consists of e-buses.

14 November 2023 Line 30 is converted to electric operation

23 October 2023 Commissioning of the provisional facility “exhibition hall 3” and conversion of line 36 to electric operation

4 September 2023 The first articulated electric buses enter passenger service (eCitaro G)

27 June 2023 Delivery of the first articulated e-buses (eCitaro G, Video)

16 January 2023 Start of passenger service of the first electric double-articulated buses on line 50 (lighTramVideo)

19 December 2022 Start passenger service first E-normal buses (eCitaro, Video) and commissioning of the Klybeck provisional facility

8 November 2022 Delivery of the first electric double-articulated bus (lighTram, Video)

4 November 2022      Delivery of the first e-standard bus (eCitaro, Video)

Spring 2022 Construction work has begun on adjustments to the bus stop infrastructure on Line 50 for the use of the electric double-articulated buses and at two stops with occasional charging stations.

November 2021 Construction work has begun on the Klybeck and Messehalle 3 temporary facilities.

September 2021 BVB and HESS sign the contract for the procurement of eight E-double-articulated buses (Media release from 9/2/2021). The contract with EvoBus (Schweiz) AG for the procurement of 57 E-normal and E-articulated buses will also be signed in September 2021.

May 2021 BVB decides to procure e-buses from Hess and EvoBus. They are scheduled to go into operation between fall 2022 and spring 2023 (Media relase from 5/18/2021).

April 2021 Following a public tender, BVB awards the contracts for the owner’s representative and the general planner for the new Garage Rank.

December 2020 The Grand Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt approves the loan request for the bus system in the amount of approximately 360 million Swiss francs (Media release from 12/9/2020).

September 2020   The government council of the canton of Basel-Stadt refers the council proposal for financing the 2027 bus system to the Grand Council. BVB launches public tender for 62 E-buses and planning services for the new construction of the Rank garage (Media release from 9/17/2020).

February 2019 The “Stromnibus”, the first electric articulated bus in BVB history, goes into a one-year test run (Media release from 2/7/2019).

The next steps on the way to the 2027 bus system:

2024 Start of construction of the new Rank garage (first demolition of the existing Rank garage, then start of construction of the new Rank garage from 2025)

2025 Public tender for the procurement of a further 61 e-buses

2027 Commissioning of new Rank garage and 61 additional e-buses

The entire bus system explained in three minutes:

This is what the new e-buses look like:


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