U-Abo (Green Travelcard)

U-Abo is the German term for the Green Travelcard. It is valid for  unrestricted use on the entire TNW Transport Network ; it is available either as a monthly or an annual travelcard (transferable / non-transferable). The Green Travelcard is offered at a very reasonable price. It is the ideal travelcard for regular users of public transport.
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It's so easy to get the U-Abo - even on your Smartphone, with our App! All the informations you can find here

The monthly Green Travelcard has another great advantage: it is also renewable at any of the 600 ticket machines. Easily and at all hours. More information

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Prices at one glance  2017

  Monatsabo Jahresabo
Adults (registered in TNW area) 80.00 800.00
Adults (not registered in TNW area) 105.00 1050.00
Adults, transferable (registered in TNW area) 100.00 1000.00
Adults, transferable (not registered in TNW area) 125.00  1250.00 
Juniors up to 25 (registered in TNW area) 53.00  530.00 
Juniors up to 25 (not registered in TNW area) 78.00  780.00 
Seniors over 64 (f) or 65 (m) (registered in TNW area) 67.00  670.00 
Dogs 53.00  530.00 

You get the annual card at the cost of ten months: you save two months!

All prices in CHF and including 8 % VAT