Single Tickets

Single tickets valid for one-way trips can be purchased from ticket machines, at the BVB Customer Center, at the BLT-Service Point, or at the SBB train station; on overland bus trips you purchase your ticket straight from the bus driver. Kids from 6 to 16 and holders of Half-Fare Travelcards profit from reduced fares on single tickets. The General Travelcard (GA) is valid on all BVB buses and trams - if they travel in Switzerland. Within the indicated time limit, single tickets are valid for a one-way trip from point of departure to destination. The time limit is shown on your ticket.

Prices at one glance  2017

Zones 10 + 11 Adults / Reduced rates
Short distance
2.30 / 1.80
1 zone 3.80 / 2.60
2 zones 4.70 / 3.10

Short-distance tickets are valid 30 minutes; it includes change of lines in the same direction. The ticket is valid for four stops from the point of departure.

Traveling to Germany

From TNW-Zone 10 to Preis
2 zones- Weil, Lörrach, Haltingen, Grenzach-Wyhlen 4.70
3 zones- Rheinfelden, Schwörstadt, Beuggen, Efringen-Kirchen, Bad Bellingen, Schliengen,Kandern, Maulsburg-Marzell, Schopfheim, Steinen, Bürchau 6.10
4 zones- Zell, Ehrsberg, Schönau, Belchen, Todtnau, Feldberg, Notschrei 8.60

Traveling to France

From TNW-Zone 10 to District des Trois Frontières Preis
2 zones- St-Louis, Hüningen, Village-Neuf, Buschwiller, Blotzheim, Hésingue, Hegenheim 4.70

All prices in CHF and including 8 % VAT

Info on single tickets to other zones click here (in German only)