Single Tickets

Single tickets valid for one-way trips can be purchased from ticket machines, at the BVB Customer Center, at the BLT-Service Point, or at the SBB train station; on overland bus trips you purchase your ticket straight from the bus driver. Kids from 6 to 16 and holders of Half-Fare Travelcards profit from reduced fares on single tickets. The General Travelcard (GA) is valid on all BVB buses and trams. Within the indicated time limit, single tickets are valid for a one-way trip from point of departure to destination. The time limit is shown on your ticket.

Prices at one glance  2017

Zones 10 + 11 Adults / Reduced rates
Short distance
2.30 / 1.80
1 zone 3.80 / 2.60
2 zones 4.70 / 3.10

Short-distance tickets are valid 30 minutes; it includes change of lines in the same direction. The ticket is valid for four stops from the point of departure.

Traveling to Germany

From TNW-Zone 10 to Preis
2 zones- Weil, Lörrach, Haltingen, Grenzach-Wyhlen 4.70
3 zones- Rheinfelden, Schwörstadt, Beuggen, Efringen-Kirchen, Bad Bellingen, Schliengen,Kandern, Maulsburg-Marzell, Schopfheim, Steinen, Bürchau 6.10
4 zones- Zell, Ehrsberg, Schönau, Belchen, Todtnau, Feldberg, Notschrei 8.60

Traveling to France

From TNW-Zone 10 to District des Trois Frontières Preis
2 zones- St-Louis, Hüningen, Village-Neuf, Buschwiller, Blotzheim, Hésingue, Hegenheim 4.70

All prices in CHF and including 8 % VAT

Info on single tickets to other zones click here (in German only)